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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products shipped from?

Our items are packaged and shipped from California, USA

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, definitely! Although shipping and handling is quite expensive from our warehouses, unless you have a US address delivery PO Box. If you have any trouble navigating the checkout process for international shipments, contact Customer Service.

What are the shipping charges?

Method - Amount  US Domestic
Standard $0 - $60 $4.95
Standard $61 - $100 $9.95
Standard $101 and up FREE SHIPPING
Method - Amount International
Standard $0 - $60 (approx 2 tees) $19.95
Standard $61 - $150 (approx 3-5 tees) $29.95
Standard $151 + (approx 6 tees or more) $39.95

How do I contact customer service?

You can make contact easily by using our customer service form, Click Here

What's Your Return Policy?

Sniperology offers a very detailed return, exchange and refund policy. For more information, Click Here

Where's my return?

Likely still shipping to us. We’ll contact you via email as soon as we receive the item and are processing it.

Is Sniperology Apparel made in the USA?

Most products are 100% made in America. Some shirts and head gear are assembled outside of the U.S. to keep costs down however all shirts, mugs and head gear are Designed, Printed, Packaged and Shipped from the factories in the USA.

What sizes are your t-shirts?

Checkout our sizing charts for details (Imperial/Metric Measurements)

Women's T-Shirt Sizing