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Launched The Thin Blue Line Patrol Rifle T-Shirt

Boom! We are live. So grateful to the many people that helped us to get this little project live and kicking!

With big help from the custom designers with their unique photo-shopping skills and also behind every great 'Vetrenpreneur', are these operators better halves that have helped with the logistics and ever important admin tasks.

Without further introduction, the first design off the rack is a tribute police t-shirt to the 'Thin Blue Line'. The T-Shirt consists of the dulled grey in color reversed old glory flag with the 'Thin Blue Line' Replaced with the as used by many on the beat these days M4/ AR Variant Patrol Rifle.

The color blue represent the 'Thin Blue Line'. This separates the People from the Predators, the good from all that is evil and wish harm or hatred upon.

The idea for this police t-shirt is a first in a series of more t-shirts to come.

Share this page and tell your friends, family and colleagues about the 'Thin Blue Line' collection we have; and show your support to all the Thin Blue Line Warriors out there that defend what is right!

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