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How to Become a Marine Scout Sniper

To become a US Marine Scout Sniper requires having highly developed soldier skills. A US Marine Scout Sniper often has a broad spectrum of skills in many areas such as range shooting, cold bore shots, camouflage and concealment, stalking into position, tactical anticipation, firing positions and extended long range precision engagements.

The scout sniper has the ultimate task to support various covert missions, reconnaissance and combat activities. In addition to these tasks, scout snipers have a crucial role in collecting intelligence information about the movements of the enemy.

While all of these skills are necessary, in order to become a US Marine Scout Sniper you need to go through certain steps. Many in the military often say that being a Marine Scout Sniper is not for everyone. Nevertheless, this should encourage those that have the will, courage and the skills to apply to join the elite sniper ranks.

In this article, we will analyze the requirements needed for these Stealthy Sharpshooters.

US Marines Scout Sniper School

1. Join the Marine Scout Sniper School.

In order to become a member of this elite club, you will have to apply for the US Marine Scout Sniper School. It is important to emphasize that in order to qualify for this school, you must have the rank of at least Lance Corporal. During the training process at this school, you will need to develop expert level shooting skills.

Combined with the excellent long-gun range skills, you will need to have passed with a high score on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). However, it is important to clarify that you will need to have both the mental fortitude and the physicality before even being considered to join the school.

It is worth to take a closer look at the United States Marine Scout Sniper documentary, in order to obtain more information.

2. Course Certifications

Another important puzzle in the mosaic of becoming a US Marine Corps Scout Sniper is to obtain certain course certification. The reason behind this is that those certifications will improve your overall chances to be considered for a scout sniper position.

The general recommendation is to obtain as much as possible course certification before starting the process. For example, shooting course, land navigation, reconnaissance, patrolling can have a galvanizing effect on your overall chances of becoming a Hunter of Gunmen.

Combined with that, you should work on certain skills such as stalks, concealment, field sketches, positioning, range estimations, and firing. All these skills will enable you to be on the right track.

Simply said, the more course certifications you complete – the better the chances to become an elite sniper member of the Few and the Proud. It will also give you an upper hand and ahead of the game start as you will have some of the skills that are required.

3. Battalion Selection

Another element that you need to fulfill is the battalion requirements. it is important to emphasize that each battalion usually consider their best members for the scout sniper role. The battalion commanders will usually look at your physical and fitness abilities, your course certifications and your maturity level. Additionally, your background and time in service will also be analyzed.

Another important component is your level of cooperation and the prospect of being a team player. Although snipers often are required for solo missions, the reality is that they need to work closely back to Command HQ. Especially when they are part of a joint multitask team. Another important element is the prospect of being behind enemy lines and the ability to leave the enemy zone without being detected and without exposing the positions of his unit.

You would need to fulfill all of these prerequisites in order to be selected for further processing.

US Marines Sniper

4. Psychological evaluation

You will also need to pass through a close screening process and psychological evaluation. Many of the sniper schools or academies usually have certain head checking programs through which candidates are evaluated.

Some of these programs include evaluation of how you handle intense or stressful problems and simulated combative situations on the battlefield. You need to stay focused and act like you are on a real mission.

Combined with that, your profile and background are also evaluated. For example, in order to join the Marines, you must not have any background of mental illnesses. Furthermore, you must have no history of alcohol, or drug abuse.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the process of becoming a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper can be quite a challenging task. The selection process is one of the toughest in the U.S Military.

Simply said, the training is extremely demanding physically and mentally. However, if you give your best and complete all your tasks, you will set yourself on the right path.