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Do You Have What It Takes To Pass Army Sniper School?

In the following video released by the Military, U.S. Army Soldiers attending the Sniper School at Fort Benning, Georgia., show and discuss the mental toughness required during the rigorous Army Sniper School. This 7-week course pushes these would be sharp shooters to their absolute mental limits, in order for them to obtain the coveted Bravo 4 skill identifier, and become US Army Snipers.

Handling mental pressure is one thing, these Snipers in Training must also have a combination of the following;

  • High level of physical fitness
  • Patience and perseverance ,
  • Even-keeled mindset
  • Quiet by nature
  • Above average Intelligence
  • Excellent mathematics skills (Snipers Need Math for shooting)
  • Nimble to be able to adapt to any change in any situation.
  • Decisive

An elite sniper must be able to make quick reaction judgments and decisions, especially if operational environments where circumstances can occur that require a change in plan.

SPC CHARLES GIFFORD (Sniper School Student)

“I wanted this since I was a child, since I was a kid running around in the backyard, playing army. This is what I want to do with my life”.

SGT DALE TAYLOR (Sniper School Student)

“Sniper School is the only thing that I knew about the army, before I joined. I asked for the school, shot 40 out of 40 and 1 out of 3 in the Company and asked for the spot and got it”.

SPC CHARLES GIFFORD (Sniper School Student)

“You can’t stamp out a sniper, you can’t just make a sniper it is a different breed of person. Most of us here believe we are that breed, and I guess in 7 weeks we will find out if we are”.


“Sniper School is an introductory course to develop soldiers to take positions as snipers. Basically our job is to train them in specific sets of skills so for instance, target detection, range determination, stalking, marksmanship and various weapon platforms that we use".

"So a Regular Unit Battalion is going to gain a whole lot from having a sniper and utilizing them properly. Most of the time we are utilized to gather that necessary, key vital information that out commander needs in order to drive there planning for a raid or for whatever the mission is, that they are trying to come up with".

SPC CHARLES GIFFORD (Sniper School Student)

"You come here to get certified as a sniper, so I came here and learned meticulously on everything I have been taught back in my unit. I went over it and learned the ins and outs, and why it is done the way it’s done".

SGT DALE TAYLOR (Sniper School Student)

“I come up with a bunch of the guys, that we started class with. These dudes, who have been in sections for the last 2 - 3 years just banging out in there section and they’re gone and I’m not, it’s pretty awesome".

SPC CHARLES GIFFORD (Sniper School Student)

“Don’t Come unless you are ready, because obviously a lot of soldiers did that, they sent 46 and only 4 graduated. If you don’t think you are going to make it you should just go home now. That’s the mindset you got to have. If you think you are going to fail then you have already failed".