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American Sniper True Story: Was Chris Kyle the Best American Sniper?

Over time, we hear the story of legendary bravery on the battlefield. And, these unique real-life stories have been inspiring many young recruits. Also, there are many Legendary American Snipers that have left their mark on today’s complex style of modern warfare. One of those is Chris Kyle. The Navy Seal who served four tours of duty in Iraq and eliminated more than 160 targets.

This is an example of the True Story of the American Sniper. In this article, we will analyze if Chris Kyle was the best American Sniper. Also, we will look at his career as a US Navy SEAL Sniper.

The Legend of the American Sniper

Before we head into a more detailed analysis, it is imperative to acknowledge that Chris Kyle was one of the US Navy SEALs most effective and efficient snipers during the Iraq War. However, the status of a legendary sniper can be solely disputed on the basis of the confirmed kills. In order to count as a confirmed kill, it had to be identified that the target had fallen and be clearly dead. According to many reports, that number could be significantly higher. Some data even go as far as making Kyle the best sniper in the history of the American Military.

However, it is important to emphasize that Chris Kyle created a significant impact on the battlefield. For example, his influence and role during the Falluja and Ramadi skirmishes from 2004 were true examples for his legendary heroics.

Kyle’s tactical approach and strategic positioning saved the lives of several platoons during the battle of Falluja in 2004. He showed tremendous courage on the battlefield as he survived six IED attacks, three gunshot wounds and two helicopter crashes. And all of these events led to a few surgeries. During this time, he started to be known as ‘the Legend’ among the American Military Units in Iraq.

As a result of his heroics during his call of duty in Iraq, the legendary American Sniper earned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor.

And among the Iraqi insurgents, he was known as the Sheitan meaning “the Devil”. This nickname did not come as a coincidence. On the contrary, he was a feared and respected enemy among the Iraqi insurgents.

Based on the tactical and modern warfare military analysis, we can put the claim that Chris Kyle was probably the best American sniper in today’s modern age. Having said this, we do not undermine the tremendous efforts of many other men who chose the life of a sniper. One of those is Carlos Hathcock who was an American Sniper Legend in his own right, of the Vietnam War. But the reality is that Kyle faced a very complex urban battlefield on which he was combating a guerrilla approach of the enemy. Combined with that was the challenge of facing a hostile and complex environment. The prime example was the battle of Falluja, where the clashes were from street to street, house to house and door to door. Often than not, he would face a hostile civilian due to the clashes in their neighborhood. Chris Kyle’s skills were put to the real test at positioning, camouflaging and distinguishing targets, that was a real challenge in those conditions. On top of that, the high presence of civilians in the densely populated urban area did not help his mission objectives.

Nevertheless, Chris Kyle showed extreme courage, bravery, intelligence and very precise sniping skills.

It safe to say that he had left a significant mark on the War on Terror.


Death and Legacy of Chris Kyle

After Chris Kyle left the service, he still stayed dedicated to the prospect of saving American lives. His history of caring for veterans ultimately cost him his own life.
One day, Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield took the 25-year-old Marine Veteran Eddie Routh to the Rough Creek in order to conduct some shooting. Routh had been suffering from post-war trauma and often had suicidal thoughts.

His parents firmly believed that being in the company of the American Sniper legend such as Kyle will significantly improve his mental state. However, Routh pointed the semiautomatic pistol on Kyle and Littlefield. Chris Kyle was dead with multiple shots in his body. And it was a tragic end to probably the best American Sniper in the history of the United States.

But regardless of how Chris Kyle died, the legacy of this American Sniper True Story will remain in our memories. He will be remembered not just as the best sniper of all time, but also a role model that helped many great veterans get back to normal lives.